Dr. Van Natta takes a highlighted interest in body surgery, especially considering the growth and success of fat grafting. Some of the largest procedures in plastic surgery are considered in the “body” category: the stomach, flanks, arms, thighs, and buttocks. Because of their size, all of these regions tend to require surgical help at some point in life. One in particularly is the permanently stretched abdomen muscles women acquire from pregnancy, addressed in a tummy tuck, or as part of a mommy makeover procedure.

Dr. Van Natta thinks of body surgery as units of a whole piece, meaning that taking fat from here also requires him to make sure it didn’t affect any curves there. With the advent of fat grafting, or removing fat from one area to another that needs volume, Dr. Van Natta has embraced the cutting edge of body contouring. Whether the problem is a fatty waist and low-volume buttocks, or the reverse, Dr. Van Natta utilizes liposuction and fat grafting to dramatically recontour those areas into a more youthful figure.

Whether the procedure is a mommy makeover, arm lift, or just a small area of fat, Dr. Van Natta makes use of every modern tool and technique available to create rejuvenated bodies, restoring their natural, beautiful contours.

Please take a tour of body surgery with Dr. Van Natta in the above video gallery.