We can perform all the liposuction in the world, but it unfortunately does not address the issue so many patients experience: loose skin. As we age, this can become a challenge and huge frustration point. We gain weight. We lose weight. And, we also have genetics to contend with. These can all play a role in our tendencies to experience loose skin. Thanks to Renuvion, we now have a great skin-tightening tool to work with.

Renuvion addresses the actual source of the problem. It is a wand inserted under the skin that delivers radiofrequency energy to the underlying tissue that is the primary cause of loose skin. This energy contracts the collagen fibers and pulls the skin down closer to the muscle. The result is a more contoured appearance.

Renuvion is often performed on the arms, abdomen, bra back rolls, thighs and face. Sometimes we do this at the end of a liposuction procedure to provide additional contouring. But it can also be done on its own or in conjunction with another procedure. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Van Natta’s patients are experiencing great results with this procedure.

Renuvion Consultation

Renuvion is performed under general anesthesia, often times following liposuction, on its own or in conjunction with another procedure. It typically takes only a few minutes per area. Recovery time is similar to a liposuction procedure. Typically, patients experience about 2 weeks of some bruising and swelling. And, we have them wear a compression garment for about 3-4 months following Renuvion. During your consultation, Dr. Van Natta will discuss your personal goals, perform a thorough physical exam to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure and develop a personalized plan.

Renuvion Benefits and Recovery

Renuvion is appropriate for men and women alike who have loose skin and is safe for all skin tones. It is a single treatment, and benefits may be visible within days or weeks – and will continue to improve throughout the healing process. We don’t know yet exactly how long the results will last; it’s different for every patient. Some of this is based on lifestyle, sun exposure, weigh fluctuations and genetics. But, energy devices such as Renuvion make it possible to start the long-lasting collagen rebuilding process.

Renuvion is the only device that is FDA-cleared for use after liposuction and for contracting the subcutaneous tissue – this is the tissue beneath the layers of your skin.

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