Wrinkles… nobody really wants them. Although everybody’s going to get them at some point. Injectables like Botox and Dysport, however, can help push that point way off into the distance. Ideal for treating horizontal forehead lines, “crow’s feet” around the eyes, and the dreaded “11s” between your brows, Botox works by temporarily freezing the underlying overactive muscles that are causing your lines. The result is a smooth, fresh, younger looking you.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Van Natta routinely incorporates Botox and Dysport into his facial rejuvenation procedures. He finds them to be that invaluable of a tool. While they can be great alone in younger patients who are looking to prevent these dynamic wrinkles from forming, he will often combine Botox with another non-surgical procedure such as fillers, Halo laser treatments, and InMode FaceTite™ to completely rejuvenate your entire face.

What is Botox?

Botox has become like Kleenex — a catch all term for an entire category of products. In this case, neurotoxins. Dr. Van Natta uses two:

  • Botox
  • Dysport

While Botox was the first, and probably is still the most popular, neurotoxin to be FDA approved for cosmetic use in the United States, both Botox and Dysport work in the same way. They block the nerve signals that cause the muscles in the treatment area to contract. They specifically address dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles which result from a hyperactive muscle. By temporarily weakening these muscles, Botox and Dysport can diminish the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles. Extremely effective when properly injected, the results are visible within just a few days, and typically last for about 3 months.

Botox Consultation

Since it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry these days is offering Botox, it is easy to forget that injectables of any kind are a medical procedure. While very safe when administered properly, it is important that you see someone with the skill and expertise to do so. Saving a few bucks by going to the corner mall for Botox is not going to be worth it if you wind up with vision problems.

Dr. Van Natta has been performing Botox in his Indianapolis office since the product was first introduced. He is an expert. During your Botox consultation, he will listen to your concerns about your facial aging. He will perform a physical exam to assess your skin tone and laxity. Then, together, you will come up with the treatment plan that best suits your goals, anatomy and lifestyle.

Ideal Candidate for Botox

Ideal for both men and women, Botox is great for any patient who is in good overall health, but who is bothered by their wrinkles. Younger patients who have a genetic proclivity towards hyperactive muscles will often start using Botox as a means of keeping the wrinkles at bay. In older patients, it is typically combined with fillers and laser or RF treatments as part of a non-surgical facelift. Dr. Van Natta will also use it as an adjunct to a surgical facelift or brow lift to really fine tune his results.

Benefits of Botox

FDA approved for treating horizontal forehead lines and the “11” lines, Botox and Dysport are often used “off label” to safety treat:

The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and can be performed in the office during your lunch break. Though you may sometimes be slightly bruised afterwards, there is literally no downtime.

Botox Procedure

Using a very fine needle, Dr. Van Natta will strategically place the Botox or Dysport through a series of small pinpricks. Though you may initially be slightly red at these injection sites, this will quickly fade. That’s it. You carry on with your day.

Any bruising, which is rare but can happen, can easily be camouflaged with makeup. You will start to notice a difference in your facial contour within just a few days. The results typically last about 3 months, but patients who have their Botox or Dysport done regularly do find that the results last longer — sometimes up to 6 months depending on the treatment area. So, if you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your grandmother staring back at you, come in for some Botox. It’s a miracle worker.

To find out more about Botox with Dr. Bruce Van Natta at Meridian Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, contact us today or call (317) 575-0330 to schedule a consultation.