One of the problems with removing fat from an area where you have too much is that it often leaves behind loose, sagging skin. This could then necessitate a skin tightening surgery such as a tummy tuck. But what if you could tighten that skin without surgery? Well, now you can. BodyTite™ is a new minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses RFAL or Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis to smooth and tighten the skin in your treatment area. It is often combined with liposuction as a single procedure. Talk about revolutionary!

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Van Natta prides himself on being at the forefront of cutting edge technology. And nothing fits this bill better than InMode’s BodyTite and FaceTite. Having long offered his Indianapolis patients the Thermi line, a generation one RF tightening device, he is thrilled to now also offer them this truly innovative generation two RF tightening device.

What is BodyTite™?

BodyTite is an FDA approved minimally-invasive procedure to melt excess fat while also smoothing and tightening the surface of your skin. It achieves this one-two punch through RFAL – Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis. It works because it applies heat both above and below the skin.

During your procedure, a probe is inserted through two small incisions in the treatment area. The RF energy passes between these two points. This allows Dr. Van Natta to heat your skin three dimensionally. This includes the:

  • dermis or top layer of the skin
  • underlying connective tissue
  • fat

“Everybody’s boat floats a little higher if we share information” explains Dr. Van Natta.

Benefits of BodyTite

Completely safe thanks to a built in safeguard that prevents the machine from either overheating or burning your skin, BodyTite is the next best thing to surgery. But without the long scars often associated with an arm lift, thigh lift or abdominoplasty.
The benefits of BodyTite include:

  • fast – treatments run anywhere from 8-15 minutes
  • no downtime
  • nearly invisible scars at probe insertion points
  • no long incision lines
  • flexibility

BodyTite™ Procedure

Performed under general anesthesia, BodyTite™ is a quick and easy way to improve your skin tone, texture and underlying contour in one fell swoop. Between BodyTite™ and FaceTite™, Dr. Van Natta is able to treat many areas on your face or body.

Your recovery is going to depend, in large part, on the size of your treatment area as well as how your individual body heals. In general, most patients will experience some post op swelling. But this typically resolves within a couple of weeks. So, let’s recap: you can tighten up your skin with no long incision lines and minimal recovery time. Really, what are you waiting for?

To find out more about BodyTite™ with Dr. Bruce Van Natta at Meridian Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, contact us today or call (317) 575-0330 to schedule a consultation.